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    About WY

    Domain is the internet address of your website through which people can reach your web.

    Let us help you choose the best top-level-domain. We register more than 150 unique TLDs.

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    Web hosting

    With shared web hosting your website can be reached any time. We will give you a quick and reliable solution suitable for small websites, blogs, e-shops or company presentations.

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    Do you need a high-performance server for your big project or complex web?

    Choose from our server-offers suitable even for websites and projects requiring the highest performance.

    About Us

    We are an enthusiastic team running the WY for several years helping you to achieve your dreams and improve your online business.

    We are the bridge between you and your dreams about business in the world of internet.

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    Do you need help? We’re here for you. Reach us on the following tel. number: +421.2581010 62, send an e-mail to: helpdesk@wy.sk or contact us via chat.

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    .eu domains with web hosting

    Register .eu domain at great prices

    • .eu domain with shared web hosting for €1.90
    • .eu domain with hosting Extra for €0.90
    • .eu domain with multihosting for FREE

    Select the web hosting plan that suits your needs the most

    WY Hosting

    Universal shared web hosting for CMS and custom-made websites.

    • Free SSL certificate
    • Esay managment via WY Panel
    • Manage up to 30 domains in multihosting



    WY WordPress Hosting

    Shared web hosting optimized for WordPress with high performance.

    • Easy one-click WordPress installation 
    • Fast and expert support available every day



    WY Windows Hosting

    Modern web hosting for websites built on ASP.NET platform.

    • High performance and memory capacity.
    • Automatic daily data backups
    • ASP.NET Framework .NET4 (4.5).



    Technical parameters

    • Manage up to 30 domains in multihosting
    • High performance and memory capacity.
    • Unlimited number of sub-domains
    • Unlimited traffic
    • Unlimited number of databases
    • Automatic cache with autorefresh during changes or after 60 minutes
    • PHP 7.2 (and older)
    • MariaDB 10, MySQL 5.6, PostgreSQL 9.1
    • One-click CMS WordPress installation
    • One-click installation of e-shop solutions Prestashop and Opencart
    • Adjustable PHP variables


    • Unlimited number of e­mails
    • IMAP, POP3, SMTP
    • SSL/TLS for better email delivery
    • DKIM key for verification of authenticity of domain sender
    • Domain bin
    • Mailbox redirections and aliases
    • Possibility to expand the mailbox space any time
    • Easy conection to Thunderbird, Gmail or any mobile application
    • Antispam protection

    Web hosting managment

    • WY Panel for hosting administration
    • You can set regular tasks with just a few clicks
    • FTP and database migrator
    • Possibility to create sub-accounts with specific access
    • Manage FTP files directly from the WY Panel without a need to log in to FTP
    • Possibility to increase the space for hosting and emails at any time with our additional Smallbox (+15 GB) and Bigbox (+50 GB) services

    Web hosting performance and settings

    • post_max_size and upload_max_filesize 256MB
    • memory_limit up to 512MB
    • High-availability at minimum level 99.98%.
    • regular server updates
    • DNS records management along with history of changes

    Free gifts and bonuses with any web hosting

    • Free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt
    • Free WY Drive cloud data storage for your files
    • Useful bonuses in the form of discounts on business tools to make your business more efficient>>> see the list of bonuses


    • Automatic SSL certificates installation
    • Git and SSH access
    • Automatic data backups (FTP, databases, emails) during the past 14 days
    • You can do a manual data backup via WY Panel any time

    WY Hosting

    WY Hosting

    1.99/ month

    • Supported domains: 1
    • Disk capacity: 5GB
    • WY Drive: 1GB

    WY Hosting Extra

    3.99/ month

    • Supported domains: 1
    • Redirected domains: 2
    • Disk capacity: 15GB
    • WY Drive: 2GB

    WY Hosting Multi

    / month

    • Disk capacity: 100GB
    • WY Drive: 10GB

    WY Hosting pre WordPress

    WY WordPress Hosting

    1.99/ month

    • Supported domains: 1
    • Disk capacity: 5GB
    • WY Drive: 1GB

    WY WordPress Hosting Extra

    3.99/ month

    • Supported domains: 1
    • Redirected domains: 2
    • Disk capacity: 15GB
    • WY Drive: 2GB

    WY WordPress Hosting Multi

    / month

    • Disk capacity: 100GB
    • WY Drive: 10GB

    WY Windows Hosting

    WY Windows hosting

    4.00/ month

    • Supported domains: 1
    • Disk capacity: 5GB
    • Databases: MySQL/MDB

    WY Windows hosting plus

    7.00/ month

    • Supported domains: 1
    • Redirected domains: 2
    • Disk capacity: 20GB
    • Databases: MSSQL/MySQL/MDB

    WY Windows hosting 10

    12.00/ month

    • Supported domains: 10
    • Disk capacity: 50GB
    • Databases: MSSQL/MySQL/MDB


    1. Promo campaign runs from June the 1st 2020 until August 30th. 2020 (20:00).
    2. Promotional price is valid only with new orders and only for the first year of domain registration.
    3. Promo campaign excludes the option of 14 days free trial.
    4. We activate the services in promotional price after we receive the payment. As bank transfer can take up to two days, we recommend that you pay by credit card, so you can be sure to get the promotional price.
    5. Prices are listed without VAT
    6. Webglobe – Yegon Ltd. reserves the right to modify terms of the promo campaign.

    WY is WIN

    WY Panel

    Resolve your complex tasks more efficiently.

    Everyday support

    We dont take days off. Our support team is always here.

    Fingers on the pulse

    Our servers are regularly updated and upgraded to the highest standards.


    Our shared webhosting is legendary with the highest stability on the market.

    Move to WY!

    Everything is easier with WY, especially changing the hosting and website transfer from your previous provider. With the help of our smart tools, move your data with with ease from your old hosting or let our helpdesk do the entire procedure for you!


    Practice makes perfect.

    Hosting ensures website operations. It essentially means renting a server where all the files of a website are stored. Shared hosting means that several websites run on a single server while sharing its performance. Therefore shared web hosting is cheaper than renting an entire server.

    A domain is your unique web address and web hosting is the space where the content of your website is stored. Although you may own a domain without web hosting, it is essential for the operation of your website.

    When using assisted migration, the entire procedure is simple and quick. We will arrange your website migration and its full operability to our servers. We can also transfer all e-mails and other files.

    Yes, we would love that! Simply send an order, contact helpdesk and ask for activation. You can test it free of charge for 14 days. If you are already a client, the new package will be automatically activated after sending an order.

    The package parameters may be adjusted adjusted at any time. Just contact the helpdesk and specify your requirements. You can also change the entire hosting plan. For example move from universal WY hosting to optimized WY Hosting for WordPress or VPS hosting.

    It always depends on website optimisation and resource demands. Our shared hosting can fully manage operation of a website with tens of thousands of user visits per month. When your visitor rates massively increase you may find your website has slowed down. In this case we recommend migrating it to VPS hosting server which we can provide immediately.

    If your website is WordPress based we recommend using WY Hosting for WordPress. WY Hosting is suitable for custom-made websites or CMS such as Drupal, Joomla or OpenCart. If you need any consultation please contact our helpdesk.

    Both are the same price, but WY hosting for WordPress runs on servers we optimized for WordPress. With automatic cache and many under-the-hood improvements, WordPress runs amazingly! Either way, your website will run wonderfully even on “ordinary” WY hosting.