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    About WY

    Domain is the internet address of your website through which people can reach your web.

    Let us help you choose the best top-level-domain. We register more than 150 unique TLDs.

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    Web hosting

    With shared web hosting your website can be reached any time. We will give you a quick and reliable solution suitable for small websites, blogs, e-shops or company presentations.

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    Do you need a high-performance server for your big project or complex web?

    Choose from our server-offers suitable even for websites and projects requiring the highest performance.

    About Us

    We are an enthusiastic team running the WY for several years helping you to achieve your dreams and improve your online business.

    We are the bridge between you and your dreams about business in the world of internet.

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    Do you need help? We’re here for you. Reach us on the following tel. number: +421.2581010 62, send an e-mail to: helpdesk@wy.sk or contact us via chat.

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    SSL certificates for secure website

    Protect sensitive data of visitors and your identity with encrypted connection through https protocol.

    Let’s Encrypt SSL


    Trusted SSL certificate for everyone.

    Available free of charge in WY Panel.

    SSL certificate

    37/ year

    Trusted certificate suitable for e­-commerce.

    SSL certificate

    109/ year

    Trusted certificate for all sub-domains on one domain.

    Validation SSL

    219/ year

    Certificate with highest degree of validation and identification in browser.


    Peter Nemčok

    WordPress Slovakia community leader

    “Hosting from WY is very stable and almost entirely without downtime. Despite the fact that it is a shared hosting, the loading speed of websites is very good. WY Panel app is also better to those with whom I have had the opportunity to work. Technical support and speed of response are on the excellent level. Overall, I can say that WY provides one of the best Slovak hosting for WordPress sites. “

    Michal Dragan

    Online marketing specialist & influencer

    “In WY, I use hosting and domain registration. I could write many things, why I am pleased. WY is the hosting one do not even know about, because everything works as it should. All is solved by the payment of invoices. “

    Daniel Ďuriš

    Pizza SEO

    “We chose WY at a time when we were looking for a faster and more stable hosting provider. Our WordPress site was slow and very often down. Many times we payed for clicks from an online campaign that led to the non-functioning website. After moving to WY, we recorded boost and speed, as one of the factors affecting the results Google, helps us to have a good position. Monitoring by Pingdom confirms that our multihosting is running great, without regular down-times. “

    Frequently asked questions

    Free certificates may and usually are identified by the browser as not trusted. As a result of this a warning is displayed to every visitor of your website, which may lead to radical decrease of visits and may therefore threaten your business. These certificates are suitable only for testing and are automatically available at our servers, just use the address with HTTPS. On the other hand, using a certificate issued by a verified and trustworthy certification authority guarantees trouble-free using.

    Let’s Encrypt certificates are identified by browsers as trusted. They can be used on any website, but since they do not provide any degree of verification, they are still not suitable for crucial projects with sensitive information. Personal websites or blogs, company websites or smaller projects can use them in the best possible way. But e­commerce websites and portals will benefit from a higher level of protection provided by paid certificates.

    No further steps are required after buying a certificate from us once we verify your identity. The certificate is installed on your website server automatically within few minutes. You only have to arrange the operation of website through https protocol. Let’s Encrypt certificates are not verified, therefore the entire installation takes only few minutes and is fully automatic.

    Paid certificates are usually valid for 12 months. For their prolonging you just have to pay the fee. Free Let’s Encrypt certificates are valid just for 3 months, but their prolonging is automatic and does not require any activity.

    The transfer procedure was described in blog post at our blog (slovak).